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The new Evolution Roller Cover is made of rigid aluminum and finished in PVC Polyester Cloth (laminated canvas). It is easy to roll; just apen at the rear part of the cover and get amazed by the smoothness and speed of the cover  with one hand.

Additionally, it does not sacrifice space on the bed, which does not interfere with its loading capacity. It can be carried fully open, secured by buckles and driven completely safely without obstructing the visibility of the rear glass.  

Our Cover meets all your expectations in: Resistance, safety, quick closing, easy installation and does not produce noise when driving.

Now new Folding Toolbox System

To open, simply pull on the bottom and start rolling. The plastic velcro system (Unique in Colombia) allows a single person to open and close it easily, in addition to having 2 crossbars that do not allow water to accumulate on it even in very heavy rains. It can be carried completely open, secured by buckles and drive completely safe without obstructing the visibility of the rear glass. 

This Cover is our new, most advanced canvas system on the market, due to its operation, materials, flush design with the plate and with the Safari Accessories guarantee.


Carpa Sport
Ram 1500 Carpa Sport para camioneta




  • Made of extruded aluminum and finished in Fabric (Laminated Canvas) made with polyester reinforcement and textured in knitted fabric.

  • By rolling up, the bed space will not be interfered with, which is perfect for any use. It can also be carried fully open, secured with the buckles and driven completely safely without obstructing the visibility of the rear glass.



  • No Straps, Seams, Clasps or Velcro for its operation.

  • Lock System inside the side rails, prevents from opening on the side.

  • It can be carried on the deck up to 50kg. of weight evenly distributed.

  • It does not require maintenance of any kind.

  • You can customize the Cover at the bottom in semi-matte Black color (Optional).

Volkswagen Amarok Carpa para camioneta



  • Our Cover is totally water resistant. Made of aluminum, it will never get rust and the top canvas contains UV protector to stay shining for a long time.

  • Safety System that completely blocks the side rails, so if you close and lock the tailgate, the Evolution Roller Cover will not open.



  • It has 4 or 6 Aluminum clamps that avoid perforations for installation. (Depending on the model or size of the truck).

Ram 1500 Carpa Sport Cubre platon