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Safari Accesorios is a family business that was founded more than 25 years ago. Our main headquarters are located in the city of Dosquebradas, Risaralda,  Colombia and we have a history in the manufacture of accessories for national vehicles.


We are recognized for our excellent quality and affordable prices.

All our products are exclusive in the market and manufactured directly by us, in addition to being proud of being 100% Colombian.

We install for free in the cities of Bogotá, Medellín and Pereira.


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Distributor Bogotá DC


Heavy duty accessories

Address: Carrera 64 # 100-64. Town:  Bogota, DC

Department: Cundinamarca

Country:  Colombia

Postal Code: 111121

Marcela carrillo

Mobile: (+57) 311 4886975


Sede Bogotá D.C - Sur

JAL Dealer

Dirección: Calle 7 # 37a - 47

Ciudad: Bogotá, D.C.

Departamento: Cundinamarca

País: Colombia

Código Postal: 111611

WhatsApp Oficial: 

Teléfono: (+57) 300 3909227

Teléfono: (+57) 311 4886975


Sede Medellín


Distribuidor: Lujos el Trapiche

Dirección: Carrera 52 # 38 - 58, La Candelaria

Ciudad: Medellín

Departamento: Antioquia

País: Colombia

WhatsApp Oficial: 

Teléfono: (+57) 300 3909227

Marcela Carrillo

Teléfono: (+57) 311 4886975


Online Distributors

Sodimac Homecenter

Free market


Main Factory: Pereira Headquarters

Address: La Badea Industrial Park. Block 6, Warehouse 12.

City: Dosquebradas

Department: Risaralda

Country Colombia

Postal Code: 661002

Marcela carrillo

Phone: (+57) 311 488 6975

Logo CLN fondo negro.png

Buy Our

The purpose of this seal, recently acquired by the company SAFARI ACCESORIOS, is to allow consumers to easily identify that our products are of national origin. Thus, the buyer will know the impact of his purchase against the employment generated in our country, the progress, development and the future that is generated by supporting the national industry  compared to imported ones.

Thus, FIDUCOLDEX, authorized us the  use of the BUY OURS stamp since we comply  in full all the indicated requirements.

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Quiénes Somos. Safari Accesorios

Quiénes Somos. Safari Accesorios

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