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Tonneau Covers:

We manufacture 3 different rigid tonneau covers for pickup trucks: Folding Cover, Platino Retractable Cover and the Evolution Rolled-up Cover. We specialize in Covers and for this reason we decided to discontinue the Flat Tent, due to its low turnover and few benefits.
Here we show you the advantages and disadvantages of each one and their main differences so that you can decide which is the most suitable cover for your needs. If you want to know more about each of the products, click on the logo of each product.

Carpa Enrollable Sport Toyota Hilux

Flat Tent (Discontinued)

Logo Carpa Sport.png

Pros:  It is the one that occupies the least space due to its canvas material.

Some tents are easy to install.

It is the most economical cover on the market.

Cons: It does not offer security, since the material is still canvas and easy to enter the bed.

2 people are recommended to roll up, one on each side. This due to its canvas material.

Some are necessary to drill in order to install.

With Straps, Seams, Clasps or Velcro for its operation.

Water storage when it rains on the tent.

Cubierta Enrollable Evolution

Pros: It is strong, safe, light, easy to install, does not produce noise when driving and best of all, it is more affordable compared to the Platino Cover.

It does not obstruct the visibility of the rear glass.  

If removal needs to be done, only 4 screws need to be loosened.

It offers security as the structure is made of aluminum. Withstands up to 40 kg on deck (evenly distributed).

The cover is 1-wall extruded aluminum and finished in laminated canvas.

Folding Tool Box (Optional) can be installed.

Cons:  It cannot be partially opened.

Cubierta Retráctil Platino

Pros:It is the safest of the 3 models, due to its structural aluminum material. Withstands up to 80 kg on deck (evenly distributed).

It is easy to operate, taking just 25 seconds to fully open and close.  

The cover is double-walled extruded structural aluminum and powder coating paint.

Cons: It occupies an approximate space of 25 cm at the end and inside the bed where it rolls the product.

It is our most exclusive Cover and therefore the most expensive.

4x4 accessories:
When you think about towing with your vehicle, take motorcycles or ATVs and you want to have the best support and equipment, think about SAFARI ACCESORIOS. Our towing solutions are designed so that you can be completely sure that your cargo is safe and that the vehicle warranty or aesthetics and functionality will not be affected at any time. We have the best raw materials to offer you quality products. If you want to know more about each of the products, click on the product.


It includes:

  • 2 '' 7,000 lb drawbar.

  • 2 '' Hitch Ball of 7,000 lbs.

  • Drawbar lock with 2 Keys and plastic cover.

  • Plastic cover.

  • Metallic Luxury Briefcase.

  • Brand: Safari Accesorios

  • Thread Diameter: 1 ".

  • Thread length: 2 ".

  • Ball Diameter: 2 ".

  • Shaft length: 2 ".

  • Weight: 6.5 kg.

Cortinas para carrocerias

curtains for


The Rolling Shade for Bodyworks was initially designed due to our experience manufacturing Retractable Covers for Platforms.


Due to its similar operating mechanism, resistance, design, exclusive aluminum dies and ease of use, it was conditioned for bodies that require it.

Accesorios 4x4
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