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We introduce our PLATINO RETRACTABLE COVER, our most advanced tonneau cover for a pickup truck, safe  and easy to operate. This Aluminum tonneau cover comes with a key, it can be secured anywhere along the way and you can put up to 80kg. of weight on it (load evenly distributed).



  • Operation on maintenance-free bearings (about 40 approximately) and a spiral guide that avoid friction and contact of the cover with itself.

  • It has guide bearings that keep it perfectly aligned while opening or closing.


  • Latch with key on the driver's side allows easy one-handed opening in any position and does not require opening the liftgate.

  • Due to its bearings it is the softest cover to open and close on the market.

  • It can be carried on the deck up to 80kg. of weight evenly distributed.

  • It does not require maintenance of any kind. 


  • System Cover in extruded aluminum, structural type of double wall connected by a flexible hinge in thermoplastic elastomer (Packing) which makes it resistant to water ingress to the plate.

  • NOTE: All pickups have original drains and holes to drain the water. This is why any Cover on the market can not be 100% completely waterproof. On the other hand, the tailgate of any pickup does not have gaskets that seal the water inlet, thaat is why any item that can get wet must be protected.


  • It can be secured in any position and has a key for closing.


  • It has 4 or 6 Aluminum clamps that avoid perforations for installation. (Depending on the model or size of the pickup truck).


Cubierta Platino Safari Accesorios

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Logo CLN fondo negro.png