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  • How safe is the Evolution Cover?
    We put so much effort into keeping your tray's contents inaccessible that we engineered a locking system across the entire side rail on both sides making it virtually impossible to open from either side without first opening the tray hatch. . So if your truck already comes with the key in the plate, perfect!!! If you don't bring it, don't worry, the gate lock with the vehicle alarm is already very common and almost any electrician offers the service. For our part, we do not offer the service. Additionally, our Cover only opens from the bottom at the rear center, which means that if you don't open the tailgate, you won't be able to open the cover.
  • Is the Evolution Cover waterproof?
    The Evolution Cover has a water resistance that will help keep your plate dry. Laminated canvas and aluminum keep water out, however manufacturers leave spaces in the bed such as drains and slots that allow water to enter. Additionally, the gates of the trays do not have gaskets that seal the entry of water (unlike the door of a car) and some other slots, as in the photo, have spaces to put other accessories, which if they are not covered will also present entries. of water. In short, no plate or cover on the market is 100% waterproof and anything that cannot get wet must be protected.
  • How easy is it to operate?
    It really is very easy, just open the plate hatch, pull the cable from either end and be surprised by the smoothness and speed of the cover. You can even roll it in and out with just one hand.
  • How much weight can I place on the Evolution Deck?
    Our Cover is capable of supporting up to 40 kg on the Cover (Evenly Distributed) without any problem. However, it is not designed to stand on it, however we have carried out the tests and if it supports a person on it. But having said this and as manufacturers, we cannot recommend that use. Our clients simply want to know.
  • Does the Evolution Cover generate noise when driving?
    No, the Evolution Cover does not generate noise. Latches on the side rails keep the Cover fully secured. Additionally, when you want to carry it fully rolled up, the straps near the cabin tighten the Cover and allow it to be quietly opened or closed.
  • Will I be able to see to the rear through the rearview mirror of the truck with the Top Down?
    Yes. The Evolution Cover will only block the bottom of the rear window at 1/3 the size of an average pick-up truck.
  • How is the Evolution Cover installed? How much space does it take up? Do you have to drill?
    4 or 6 clamps are used depending on the size of the plate that secure the side rails where the cover works. These clamps secure to the edges or side flanges of the bed and for all trucks that come with internal flanges NO drilling is required. Basic tools are used and installation takes around 1-2 hours depending on the vehicle. The space occupied by the roller system is around 17-19 cm in diameter (approximately depending on the length of the plate). On the other hand, it is necessary to drill only on the pickups that do not have internal tabs, but external ones like the reference pickup. Only some versions come from the factory with these tabs facing out. Inside these vans are some versions of: Toyota Hilux Mahindra Pik-Up Chevrolet D-Max Nissan Frontier D21, D22.
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